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5 Key Statistics Driving the Growth of Digital Signage

Digital signage has been proven to increase footfall and brand awareness. Here are the stats to show by how much.

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The use of digital signage in businesses is growing. Advances in technology have meant that digital signage is becoming a reputable marketing resource. Forward thinking companies are now seizing the opportunity to attract attention and influence purchase decisions. Therefore, we have selected some key statistics from an industry report to help you gain an understanding of why businesses are now using digital signage.

1. 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness.

Signage can be essentially the ‘face’ of a store. It familiarises the audience with the brand and, ultimately, makes the company more recognisable. With dynamic signs fortifying brand messages, retailers are anxious to utilise signage to improve communication with their customers.

2. 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention.

This rate is fundamentally higher than TV, Internet and traditional print marketing. Retailers are picking signage because of its minimal effort and adaptability. Also, high impact is the key advantage.

3. Over 60% of buying decisions are made at the point of sale.

Digital signage gives customers the chance to compare products. Stores can grasp rather than fear the developing retail pattern of ‘showrooming’, expanding their possibility of keeping purchasers in-location to make their buy with content that creates involvement and emotion.

4. Digital signage reduces perceived waiting times at checkouts by as much as 35%.

Signage tackles the issue of unpredictable waiting times and long lines in store. Essentially working with the queuing system, it offers a more proficient and professional treatment to the client, making waiting in line more interesting.

5. Digital signage adds an upswing in overall sales volume by 31.8%.

Having to wait in long lines, look for items, confirm costs and check stock availability baffles clients. There is, therefore, a big sales potential for companies to catch lost opportunities by making the shopping experience more effective and fulfilling. Signage also creates an immersive in-store experience, maximising hasty purchases by rapidly adjusting and conveying content continuously.

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