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Alpha Digital Networks PLC Joins Associated Security Solutions Ltd

Alpha joined Associated Security Solutions to provide an expanded product portfolio.

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Audio-visual manufacturer, distributor, supplier and integrator, Alpha Digital Networks PLC, joins forces with Associated Security Solutions LTD to provide an extended product portfolio to help their customers.

Darwen based AV solutions provider, Alpha Digital Networks PLC, is very proud to announce that they have joined a partnership with security solutions provider, Associated Security Solutions LTD, incorporating Total Safes and SMP Security Solutions.

The partnership will allow both businesses to offer an expanded product and knowledge portfolio to their customers.

Alpha manufacture, install and maintain their own range audio-visual solutions from interactive touchscreens / conferencing solutions for boardrooms to digital signage hardware including their own content management system. Alpha’s extensive knowledge and experience of AV coupled with Associated Security Solutions LTD’s access control and security products will help provide bespoke solutions to help customers have full control and visibility of their site security.

Managing Director of Alpha, Joe Makepeace, said “We couldn’t be more excited about the new partnership we have formed with Associated Security Solutions LTD. Together, we believe we can provide flexible and bespoke solutions to help new and existing customers alike enhance and improve their security and brand visibility through audio-visual solutions.”

“We are looking forward to what 2021 brings for both businesses and, more importantly, for our customers.”

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