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Checklist for Creating Compelling Outdoor Retail Digital Signage

We have put together this short checklist of things to think about when you are setting up your digital signage for retail.


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Compelling outdoor retail digital signage needs to be taken seriously as part of your brand marketing data research.

Firstly, you must try to understand who your target customer is and how your brand interacts with them. Although digital signage for retail enables you to deliver dynamic content, you must personalise and customise it to boost engagement.

We have put together this short checklist of things to think about when you are setting up your digital signage for retail.

Consider Your Audience

Prior to setting up your digital signage in your retail space, you must understand who will interact with the screens and content.

When examining your audience, you must think about their gender, age, income, lifestyle, political views and hobbies. The more information you gather and analyse can drastically affect of number of customers who engage with your signage so it is very important to really think about these things. With all this information, you can then create a ‘customer persona’ and you can use this to inform and tailor your content.

Outline the Goals of Retail Digital Signage

The first thing to consider, is if you are going to use your retail digital signage to appeal to existing customers or draw in new clients. Another thing to think about is if you want to sell products or services instantly or showcase the benefits of your product and increase brand awareness. In fact, 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness.

To make an informed decision about these goals, you will have to know:

– Your customer buying cycle of your product or service
– The time of your offer (will it be instant or are you planning something for a longer run?)

The objectives of your retail digital signage should be based on your product concept.

These objectives can also be more specific. For example, a café might want to increase sales of tea so they could showcase an offer at the point-of-sale to influence customer behaviour.

Content is King

Digital signage software for retail is very flexible and allows you to showcase information in dynamic, interactive ways with results you can track..

Digital signage gives you the flexibility to tailor your content to suit your customers and goals. With traditional posters, you would have to design them, print them, distribute them and then spend time putting them up. Now, with digital signage, you can update the screens instantly, or on a timer, from one location.

Therefore, you can utilise your time more effectively by thinking about what would appeal to your target audience. Whether it is images, videos, text, interactive content or wayfinding, you can use digital signage to engage and inform.

Alpha Digital Networks manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains digital signage solutions, including hardware and content. As we are an end-to-end solution provider, we can give you peace of mind that there will be no miscommunication so your digital signage solution will work for your budget and needs. Our dedicated content team can understand your vision and fulfil your brief. Coupled with our own hardware, we provide you with the perfect solution.

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