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Digital Advertising Trends to Watch

Read about the advertising trends that you should take note of. Trends in video and other types of content can help businesses grow.


LED Displays

Digital Advertising trends are constantly transforming and shifting. However, every so often, it is a good idea to take a step back and look at the trends to inform your advertising for the future.

A decade ago, the pure idea of outdoor digital signage would have been novel. The panels full of LEDs were much more flexible and energy efficient than bulb systems. However, no one estimated just how much they would be integrated into advertising strategies. We now know that outdoor digital signage and the value it provides is here to stay.

It is everywhere

As with most technology, the longer it has been around, the further it moves along the price curve. Lower prices allow you to take advantage of digital signage’s flexibility and great return on investment possibilities.

Digital signage is a great tool for small businesses to create affordable advertising. The cost of digital signage can be small when compared to traditional advertising. Digital signage also gives you control over content creation, timing and enables you to react to the market. For example, if the weather changes, you can advertise products to suit at the click of a button.

For businesses of all sizes, digital signage advertising will become even more affordable with a greater return on investment. Also, many advertising companies offer an online buying experience so that advertisers can choose a space on digital billboards anywhere, irrespective of their location. This can give extra options to advertisers, making it easier to reach their audience.

Tech giants can help DOOH

The industry association OAAA said that the top 10 OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertisers in 2017 were McDonald’s Restaurant, Apple, Geico, American Express, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, HBO, Verizon and Chevrolet. Two standouts on this list are technology companies Apple and Amazon.

Digital signage is a natural choice for businesses whose bottom line depends on technology. Digital signage can be tailored to the needs of tech companies that want showcase their latest products and services. We believe that, as the technology continues to grow, so will the use of DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) because of the benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Personalisation is becoming more common

Digital signage and online apps can be used together to enables audiences to interact and engage with the signage itself. You can also increase the personalisation of the content. User preferences can be stored and integrated into the experience.

In terms of customers who opt in to retailer apps, digital signage can be used to advertise specials that are relevant to them and their buying pattern when they get close to the store. Speciality items tailored to your audience’s buying patterns can be shown across your digital signage network from outdoor screens to the indoor store screens.

The millennial

According to Forbes, Millennials will make up 33 percent of the workforce by 2020, and 75 percent by 2025. If you think about these statistics with the desire of millennials to rely on social media sharing, it’s easy to see the potential benefits of digital advertising and signage. A 2012 AIMIA, Inc. survey found that millennials’ affinity for and with technology is reshaping retail environments. We now have product information, prices and reviews at our fingertips. Powered with this, millennials are leaning towards companies that offer convenience at the best price.

It is inevitable that technology and the economy will continue to grow with and complement each other. Digital advertising trends show that digital signage is growing to fill this need in the ever-changing retail sector.

Thinking about investing in digital signage?

Alpha Digital Networks offers end-to-end digital signage solutions. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain high-quality interactive digital signage solutions for the retail, commercial and education sectors. Our in-house digital content team can look after your content to ensure your message can be heard loud and clear by your audience. As we manufacture the hardware too, we can ensure nothing is lost translation and your project can be fulfilled to your specifications.

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