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How to Add a Personal Touch in Real Estate with Digital Signage

Real estate digital signage can easily bring a personal touch to both your content and your businesses. Read to find out more.


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Real estate digital signage can easily bring a personal touch to both your content and your businesses.

Customers, and people in general, love interactivity. They particularly enjoy interaction with businesses whose content is customer-centric. Getting your message across effectively might seems like a difficult task but we have 5 solutions for you.

1. Introduce your agents with digital signage software

Unfortunately, a number of estate agents have become faceless entities and do not seem to have a personality to tenants and potential buyers.

Digital signage for estate agencies allows you to introduce your agents with as much personality as you would like. This can add so much to the customer experience as it could allow customers to choose who they want to work with.

Through utilising this opportunity, digital signage helps your business to create trust between your business, agents and customers. Consumers want value at the moment and this personalisation is an engaging way to add value to your service.

2. Show different interior designs

Obviously, not every customer like the same house interior and, sometimes, it can be difficult to appreciate a property. To resolve this issue, digital signage could be used to show different interior design or renovation ideas to suit the tastes of the potential buyer. This could increase sales because it would create more ease in the customers’ minds.

3. Allow clients to use personalisation features

Our most popular digital signage solutions for estate agents deliver dynamic listings so that customers can interact and tailor their experience. Therefore, you could use this in your business.

Wishlists are a perfect way to improve customer experience. You could use interactive screens, either indoor or touch-through glass, to display your website or viewing platform and allow customers to add properties to their wishlist.

You can use the digital signage to do this by:

Allowing them to send it to their email by typing it on a form on the screen.
Use QR codes to open the listing on a phone.

4. Show testimonials to gain trust

Digital signage software can deliver content in various ways to engage your target audience. Testimonials, feedback and reviews are a great way to gain trust from potential customers.

For example, you could install digital signage in the reception hall of your building and show:

Welcome messages.
Renovation announcements.
Personalised messages.

5. Welcome new clients and tenants

Digital signage can enable you to introduce yourself or send welcome messages to new tenants.

This is a fantastic way to start off your relationship with them. You can also reach out to new homeowners with dynamic content feeds. Utilise this tool to deliver important news, introduce staff, up-to-date contact information and tips.


Digital signage software can make a big impact on real estate, but the industry is just starting to take advantage of this technology.

However, digital signage is a tool and to get results, you need to use it properly and to it’s full potential. We think we have covered some of the ways that you can utilise signage in your business.

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