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How to Finance your Digital Signage

Digital signage is much more accessible than people think. Read about the different ways to finance signage.

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Businesses have begun to see the various benefits of self-service solutions. From self-payment options to maps and way-finding services, businesses are reaching their audiences through engaging content on interactive digital signage. Self-service solutions can provide significant return on investment opportunities. However, businesses should understand all of the necessary costs and how to budget for those costs before moving forward.

Upfront costs of digital signage

Companies sometimes ask new customers to provide a deposit. This deposit allows the manufacturer to tailor the product to a customer’s specific needs. Every piece of digital signage has an element of customisation. Deposits allow manufacturers to buy the peripherals for each order, since digital signage is built to order. This lowers costs and allows the manufacturer to pass the savings on to their customers.

Extra expenses

Sometimes, there are extra expenses that you may not have factored in when it comes to buying digital signage. Delivery and installation are usually not included in an initial quote. Delivery is always subject to change but companies tend to tell you as soon as they know the correct amount. Another cost to factor in is for support. Once the signage is deployed, it’s always good to know someone is there if it ever goes wrong or you would like it updating.

Leasing options

If funding digital signage is an issue, companies can often offer a leasing option through a third party company. Leasing options give you peace of mind. Leasing can be tailored to your budget. All terms are different and can work around you and your available funds.

Why have digital signage in your business?

Digital signage can add a bit of colour to your business. Your business can attract and inform your audience through engaging content. Also, content is instant! Digital signage offers a more flexible solution to get your message across to your customers. Digital signs are also better on the environment- they save paper waste. The list of benefits goes on. Read our ten reasons why you should use digital signage in your business blog post here.

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