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Leasing for Audio-Visual Solutions

Find out how spreading the costs of av projects can make them more affordable.


Despite the cost of audio-visual solutions coming down in recent years, businesses can often be put off by the upfront cost. Although we believe that the value that audio-visual solutions can bring to businesses far outweighs the initial cost, we understand that not everyone has the luxury of being able to pay it in one sum.

Leasing is a great option for businesses who would like to improve the technology in their company whilst keeping the costs at a manageable level where they can measure the ROI.

But how can leasing make AV solutions more affordable?

Fixed Costs

When leasing an AV solution, such as an interactive touchscreen or digital signage display, the costs are fixed for the duration of the lease, with no hidden surprises.

This means businesses can have peace-of-mind in knowing what and when they are paying and can easily track the true cost of ownership.

Easily Upgrade at the End of the Lease

Technology is constantly improving and developing. In fact, some of our solutions have changed dramatically since just three years ago.

That’s why it’s important to be able to change and upgrade your technology at the end of a lease. If you bought a solution outright, you might feel like you must keep the hardware to get a ROI even though the solution may be outdated.

Leasing gives you the option to update to the latest technology so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. This could mean that, upgrading your solution, you keep audiences engaged and, therefore, get more ROI from the solution.

Spread the Costs of a Bespoke Solution

As you are able to spread the costs over a few years, this means you can opt for a bigger or more elaborate solution that you initially thought wasn’t possible due to budget constraints.

This means that you can create more brand awareness, improve collaboration and help boost sales.

We offer leasing on all of our products from interactive touchscreens to large LED displays. If you would like more information about leasing, please call our team on 03300 020120 or email

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