Allens Fried Chicken

Read about how we helped Allens Fried Chicken create brand consistency with digital menu boards in multiple franchise sites.

The Challenge

Allen’s Fried Chicken is a family run company with numerous fast food restaurants across the country. With the imminent opening of the new Denton store, Allen’s Fried Chicken wanted to bring their business into the modern age through the use of digital signage. They also wanted to have the flexibility to change their pricing and offers instantly, instead of having to print and distribute traditional posters.


Our Solution

We were introduced to the Allen’s Fried Chicken team through BNI and we met with them to discuss their needs for the project. We discussed how digital signage can improve customer engagement, cut advertising costs and can give them the flexibility they need.

We manufactured and installed three commercial digital signage screens with a PC media player and signage software above the counter where Allen’s Fried Chicken can show their menu and promotions. Our in-house digital signage content team set up the signage content and provided training to ensure that they could update the content instantly.

The Outcome

The Denton branch of Allen’s Fried Chicken now has digital signage screens displaying their menu and offers, which they update whenever they need to. The flexibility of being able to update the content themselves instantly has meant they have saved a considerable amount of time and money compared to their traditional methods of updating their menus. They are hoping to roll this solution out to the rest of their stores in the near future.

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