Read about our UK-wide roll out of interactive touchscreens and digital signage for Bizspace.

The Challenge

BizSpace specialise in providing flexible working spaces for businesses. They have 105 work spaces throughout the UK where businesses can rent an office space to suit their needs. They were looking to update their spaces with technology to bring their spaces into the modern business age. They wanted technology that would entice people to use their offices and also improve the offering and value for money for current tenants.


Our Solution

We met with the team at BizSpace to discuss how interactive touch screens can be a great tool for offices. They wanted to roll out technology for meeting rooms in all of their 105 sites. We discussed their requirements and they decided on interactive touch screens and digital signage.

We manufactured and installed 4K Alpha Interactive touch screens in all 105 sites across the UK. We also installed digital signage displays and content in a small number of their offices.

The Outcome

BizSpace now have complete AV solutions in their office sites where staff and visitors can set up resources at the click of a button. This has meant that the technology now allows quick set up and flexibility suited to the needs of the room. Many people may use the room in just one week. Therefore, the plug and play adaptability of the touch screens means that people can use their time in the room more effectively.

We engaged Alpha back in 2018, to help us improve our meeting room technology. Alpha understood our requirement quickly and were very knowledgeable. They came up with a very comprehensive and cost effective plan to improve the 80 meeting rooms we have across the country. We are now 2 years into our partnership and we have had no issue with the equipment they have installed and customers have been very complimentary of the screens available in our meeting rooms.

Mark Gilbert, Head of IT

Alpha Digital fleet

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