Fylde Borough Council

Read about how we helped Fylde Borough Council share information to visitors on the seafront.

The Challenge

Fylde Borough Council wanted a way to display information about events and local businesses to members of the public on the seafront. They needed a solution that would be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions on the seafront so that visitors and locals could see the information no matter the weather. They also needed a way to update the signage regularly, quickly and easily.


Our Solution

Our team of audio-visual experts met with the client to discuss their needs and carried out a site visit where the solution was needed. We provided plans for a bespoke freestanding digital signage display design that was perfect for the conditions and needs of the client.

We installed two bespoke outdoor totem displays on the seafront for Fylde Borough Council. We designed and manufactured the displays to withstand the salt water, wind and sunlight.

The two outdoor displays were coupled with our content management software so the client can control what is displayed on the screens at any time and schedule updates from any remote location.

So, Fylde Borough Council now have two outdoor displays that they can update instantly from their offices.

The Outcome

Fylde Borough Council now has two large freestanding displays that they can use to show safety information, promotions for local businesses and event details to visitors and locals.

This display solution has given the council the flexibility they need to keep the information up to date while cutting down on the costs of printing posters. The displays are designed to run 24/7 and can be seen in any light conditions so the information can always be seen by visitors and locals.

The council can now use the display to increase interest in local events and businesses.

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