St Joseph's RC Primary

Read about how Alpha Interactive touchscreens have helped improve classroom engagement at St Joseph's RC Primary.

The Challenge

Technology at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has changed significantly over recent years. Initially, the school had interactive whiteboards and projectors but found this solution very costly and they wanted a way to introduce newer technology into lesson plans so they could improve learning outcomes for the pupils.


Our Solution

The school were keen to invest in tablet and interactive technology to improve engagement in the classroom. Before the technology was installed, they worked with Alpha Digital to ensure the correct infrastructure was in place, such as faster wifi to give the connectivity required to run multiple devices across the classrooms. The school wanted an interactive touchscreen that could work with their iPads and existing Windows laptops so they were introduced to the Alpha Interactive touchscreens.

Our trainer, Sam Thistleton, visited the schools several times to provide demonstrations on the interactive touchscreens, providing resources, helpful tips and advice so that the school felt that they were receiving the best product for their needs.

We manufactured and installed a number of Alpha Interactive touchscreens in their classrooms and ensured that they were working with their existing technology. After installation, Sam visited the school again to provide a training session so that the teachers all knew how to make the most out of their new touchscreens.

The Outcome

The school now have Alpha Interactive touchscreens in their classrooms, using them on a daily basis with their tablets so that the pupils can engage in the subject and share ideas.

“Because the Alpha Interactive interface is so intuitive, teachers don’t need training to get started however, the training process itself has given our staff a clearer and deeper knowledge of the technology and its capabilities to help them with their lessons.”- Shirley Hunter, School Business Manager

This improved connectivity, coupled with the lower ongoing costs has meant that the Alpha Interactive touchscreens have provided the perfect solution for the staff and pupils at St Joseph’s.

The new technology has undeniably had an impact on the classroom dynamic. It’s much easier to show work that has been created digitally very quickly. A teacher or child’s presentations can be shown on the screen, shared with the class for feedback and then the class can act on that feedback immediately. For example, we might be looking at a certain period in history. The children can review the task before them on the big screen, research the subject and view evidence immediately online with the teacher and then take that back to their devices to carry the learning forward into their own work. There is no shadowing on the board as children or staff stand in front of the board and no lag in writing on the board.

Shirley Hunter, School Business Manager

St Joseph's RC Primary

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