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Read about our UK-wide roll out of high brightness digital signage for Totally Wicked.

The Challenge

Totally Wicked is one of the leading vape companies in the UK, with over 150 stores across the country.

Many of the branches were still using traditional paper posters for their marketing and others were using normal household television screens in their windows. These TV screens were not bright enough to be seen through the window in the daylight and the paper posters became faded quickly and were slow and expensive to replace.

Totally Wicked spoke to our team about ways to make their signage stand out from the crowd, to entice more customers into the store, increase brand awareness and promote special offers. They were also looking for a way to improve brand consistency throughout their stores nationwide. Totally Wicked has found it hard to run quick promotions because of the inconsistency between the technology and marketing methods of the different branches.


Our Solution

Our team of AV experts met with the Directors of Totally Wicked to discuss the problems they were having and to find the perfect solution to their issues.

We believed that ultra-high brightness commercial displays in the windows of each branch would be a benefit to the business. Ultra-high brightness displays are built to run 24/7 at a higher brightness than normal TV screens so that your message can be seen even in bright sunlight.

We provided Totally Wicked with a test screen in one of their stores so that they could see how it looked and would work. They noticed that customers were seeing the screen in the window and coming in to discuss the promotions that it was displaying. Their marketing team were also happy with the flexibility that this solution gave them as they could update the content on the screen instantly from one central location using AlphaCMS.

Alpha Digital manufactured and installed ultra-high brightness digital signage displays in 10 Totally Wicked stores across the UK and as part of an extended trial. Our in-house digital signage team also provided Totally Wicked with training on how to use the content management system so they have full control of the content.

The Outcome

Over 100 Totally Wicked stores across the UK now have ultra-high brightness digital signage displays in their store windows. The team at Totally Wicked have improved the brand consistency within these stores as they have full control over the content on the screens. The company is also able to react instantly to changes in the market, create on-the-spot promotions or just ensure that the marketing is up to date in each store.

This solution has saved Totally Wicked time and money by replacing their traditional printed posters with digital technology. They now have the flexibility they need in an ever-changing market.

Totally Wicked have noticed an increase in footfall due to the promotions on the eye-catching displays, which is a great example of the effectiveness of digital signage.

We have your digital screens now installed into various store locations with a view to rolling them out across the network and I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with both the level of service we received from you chaps, from initial enquiry through order and onto installation, we receive prompt answers and excellent customer care. I am also very impressed with the quality of the screens, it is as good as we’d hoped and it certainly is an asset in presenting the corporate image & branding we require.

Darryl Dooley, Senior Project & Facilities Manager

Totally Wicked

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