Unlimited Flexibility for Restaurants and Bars

Modern Digital Menu Boards

Whether you are wanting to create consistency across numerous sites or change menu items quickly, digital menu boards coupled with our content management system offer a flexible but affordable solution.

Real-time Deployment

Update your menu instantly from any remote location with signage software.

Remote Use and Monitoring

Ensure your digital menu boards are working correctly with remote monitoring.

Ultra-High Bright Screens

Don't worry about sunlight with our high brightness menu boards.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a great alternative to paper poster menus or chalkboards. You can use the screens to create still or moving images to advertise products, menu items, offers and so much more. Our Alpha Content Management System enables you to have full control of your menus, scheduling menu changes to automatically happen at certain times or even controlling all menus from one remote location to create brand consistency.

We pride ourselves on providing the full solution, not just the hardware. Our team of in-house digital signage experts can help you find the perfect content management system, create content for you, and even train your staff on how to create and update the content so that you have full control of your signage.

Manufactured and Managed by Alpha Digital Networks

Here at ADN we take full ownership of every AV project we undertake, each solution is manufactured by us and we create your signage content in house. This sets us apart from competitors who simply sell on the hardware.

A fully managed project with our experienced team means that you can rely on us to exceed expectations, creating a simpler process that is cheaper due to there being no middleman.

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Read about how we helped Urban Fresh create outstanding digital menu boards across all franchise sites.

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