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Bespoke Touchscreen Furniture tailored to your environment

Introducing AlphaCreate

The AlphaCreative range of interactive furniture products allows you to incorporate our interactive touch technology into contemporary furniture and housings.

Interactive Touchscreen

Toughened glass interactive touchscreens make our lecterns and interactive tables resilient and long-lasting.

Android and Windows Options

Android and Windows OS options available to ensure your content works as needed.

Bespoke Housing

Bespoke housing to suit your needs and brand, including colour match options.

Bespoke Interactive Furniture and Lecterns

Our bespoke range of interactive touchscreen furniture and lecterns allow the technology to compliment the space in which it is being used, allowing visitors to interact with content in an accessible way.

AlphaCreate touchscreen tables are perfect for museums, corporate lounges, conference centres and reception areas. You can use our interactive tables to provide entertainment or games, present company news or collaborate with staff in meetings.

Durable toughened glass will give you peace-of-mind that your product can withstand knocks whilst providing an engaging way for people to see your content.

Manufactured and Managed by Alpha Digital Networks

Here at ADN we take full ownership of every AV project we undertake, each solution is manufactured by us and we create your signage content in house. This sets us apart from competitors who simply sell on the hardware.

Our interactive furniture is available throughout the UK including Blackburn, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester and London.

A fully managed project with our experienced team means that you can rely on us to exceed expectations, creating a simpler process that is cheaper due to there being no middleman.

Solutions that utilise Interactive Furniture



Provide Information Points in public spaces, receptions, visitor areas

Interactive Touchscreens

Interactive Touchscreens

Create a complete collaboration space with interactive touchscreens that combines video conferencing, annotation software and room control systems.

Room Control

Room Control

Manage your meeting room and work-space technology with flexible control systems.

Alpha Digital fleet

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