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Immersive, seamless images to engage your audience.

This is AlphaWall

The AlphaWall Video Wall solution provides you with the ultimate, immersive display solution. The ultra-slim bezel widths give near seamless presentation and indeed make various formats of display and attractive layouts possible.

High Contrast Display

Durable, high contrast panels mean that your message can be seen in any environment.

Bespoke Configuration

Create the perfect canvas for your environment with bespoke layout configurations.

Creative Content

Create eye-catching content that can be deployed to the screens using signage software from any remote location.

Our Video Walls

High contrast, anti-glare panels with high durability ensure that the video wall delivers high image quality. Single full screen display or multi-screen options are available.

Make your window or retail display stand out from the crowd with eye-catching digital signage.

Control can be direct from a local or remote PC, giving you the flexibility you need to instantly update your content to target your customers or visitors.

Manufactured and Managed by Alpha Digital Networks

Here at ADN we take full ownership of every AV project we undertake, each solution is manufactured by us and we create your signage content in house. This sets us apart from competitors who simply sell on the hardware.

Our LCD video walls are available throughout the UK including Blackburn, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester and London.

A fully managed project with our experienced team means that you can rely on us to exceed expectations, creating a simpler process that is cheaper due to there being no middleman.

Read about how we installed a complete, fully automated audio-visual solution for CPASE including LED video walls, digital signage displays and audio system.

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